No more toiling…

Tomorrow is the 31st of December 2017. It also happens to be our 10th wedding  anniversary. Such moments always make me reflect on the past. I celebrate my victories but i also look for learnings and see what i could have done better. I read somewhere (paraphrased) that success is a lousy teacher that seduces people into thinking they are invincible. 

So here is the one thing that really stood out for me that i will not be taking with me into the future…..toiling……. and not living in the moment. Let me put this into context. 

I am in general a very forward looking person. I believe in planning for the future. I believe that my  tommorow has to be better than today and i believe that i need to take the necessary steps to make this possible. I am so forward looking that sometimes i forget to live and enjoy the here and now.

As i was reflecting, i had too many examples of not living and enjoying the moment that  i have made up my mind that this is not something I would like to carry into the future. I will not stop planning for my future and working towards the future  i want, but i will also balance this a good dose of enjoying the here and now. 

A victorious 2018 to you…

Journey mercies 


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