Why I Consider Motherhood A Stretch Assignment

A stretch assignment is defined as a project or task given to an employee which is beyond their current knowledge or skills level in order to “stretch” the employee developmentally. It challenges the employee by placing them out of their comfort zone in order to learn and grow. Whilst not proposed by an employer, iContinue reading “Why I Consider Motherhood A Stretch Assignment”

I wish I had known….

Before I became a mother, I had my own perceptions of what I thought motherhood involved. I never really understood the decisions and choices that mothers around me were making and therefore made judgments that when I look back I had no basis for making. Hey I am only human… I remember visiting my sisterContinue reading “I wish I had known….”

How to spend quality time with your children

So last Friday I wrote about Mommy Me Time and some of the activities that you could do to relax, rejuvenate and be in a good space to look after those you love. This is important. Remember you have to fit your own mask first before you can help others. Now I know as aContinue reading “How to spend quality time with your children”

Mommy Me Time – 10 Things To Do

After a busy week at work and at home, you deserve to take time out for yourself and recharge your batteries. Here is a list of ten things to do during mommy-me-time. 1. Bury yourself in a great book. Some of my favorite authors include Malcolm Gladwell, Angela Duckworth, and Robert Kiyosaki. I also loveContinue reading “Mommy Me Time – 10 Things To Do”

Invitation to write a guest post for Muminstilettos

As a Muminstilettos I would love to feature guest posts on my blog. I know there are many enormously talented moms who against all odds are ‘doing it all’. Take note we do not pay for any featured posts but will definitely help in getting more traffic to your blog. Below are the guidelines toContinue reading “Invitation to write a guest post for Muminstilettos”

Learning to say NO

Saying NO is not easy. Personally I gravitate towards YES. However NO is one of the words that I quickly learnt to use more often the moment our twins were born and all our three children were under three years. When you are a sleep deprived working mom, weekends become the days to catch upContinue reading “Learning to say NO”