Tendai Simende Bosha. I am a wife and mum to 3 amazing children ( the girl who introduced me the "mother" title is 6 years old and my twins who are three years, 6 months. During the day I am a marketer for a multinational FMCG company and when get home, I have another equally rewarding job called being a mother. When everyone is tucked in bed, I find time to blog about my journey as a mum in stilettos.
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Mommy Me Time – 10 Things To Do

After a busy week at work and at home, you deserve to take time out for yourself and recharge your batteries. Here is a list of ten things to do during mommy-me-time. 1. Bury yourself in a great book. Some of my favorite authors include Malcolm Gladwell, Angela Duckworth, and Robert Kiyosaki. I also love…