Burnout… Final Post

This is my third and final post on burnout. In the first post I wrote about symptoms of burnout and in the second post I wrote about causes of burnout. Today I will write about some of the ways to deal with burnout. I am a working mom of three. My children are 7 and 5 and a bit more independent now but a few years back they were younger and demanded more from me. What I am proposing here has worked for me.

At work

There will be times when more is expected from you at work. During such high pressure times, make sure your family is aware of the increased demands on your time and ask for their support and assistance. If a sister can help with the school run, accept the help or ask for it. If hubby can help with homework during that period, ask for this. Do not try to do it all by yourself.

At home

There will also be times when more is expected from you at home. You wear so many hats and sometimes you need to be there for those you love. In the same way you would let your family know of increased demands on your time from work, let your boss, work colleagues, subordinate or however you need to tell also know of increased demands on your time from home. Ask them to help with some of the work or negotiate for longer deadlines on your work deliverables.

If you are one of those people whose personality lends them to burnout, you need to do yourself a favor and remember that sometime 90 perfect is actually better than undone as you wait for hundred percent perfection. This is of course also in the context of what you do so do not take me out of context. There are things that will require 100 precision and without it there will be dire consequences. The truth is the majority of things do not require this.

Find time to rest and recharge doing things that you enjoy. Also share with me on the comments section how to deal with burnout.

Stay winning, stay thriving, at home and at work!


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