How to spend quality time with your children

So last Friday I wrote about Mommy Me Time and some of the activities that you could do to relax, rejuvenate and be in a good space to look after those you love. This is important. Remember you have to fit your own mask first before you can help others.

Now I know as a working mom you have to also spend time with your children. I find that sometimes I am extremely busy at work that I don’t engage with them fully during the week as I would want. Here are some of the things you can do to spend quality time with your children.

1. Prepare their favourite meal together regardless of their gender. If you are a mom of a boy child, remember you are raising tomorrow’s gentleman and husband. If he is going to help his wife in the kitchen in future, he needs to learn from you now.( That’s a topic for another day). YouTube has great videos for making easy recipes that kids can be involved in. On some weekends we make pizza and the kneading and mixing is so much fun for little people. Don’t worry if you don’t match the real pizza from the Italian restaurant. It’s about spending time with your children and doing something fun together.

2. If you have girls, go to the hairdresser together and enjoy getting your hair and theirs done.

3. Our boy loves cars and trains and there is nothing more he loves than have mommy help him build the race tracks and race cars together. By the way our girls are also into cars so this is definitely something we all do together.

4. Have a picnic in the garden and bring their favourite healthy snacks.

5. My kids love sleepovers but I do not allow them to go for any so once in a while we have a “sleepover” in the lounge and we bring all our mattress and talk and play games until they dose off to sleep one by one. We usually do this over long weekends when we know we aren’t going anywhere the following morning.

6. Watch their favourite TV show together with you totally engaged and your mobile phone very far away. In our house we love Paw Patrol, Blaze and The Monster Machines and Rainbow Ruby. (NB I am careful what my children watch and it’s important that every mom does). It is also important to limit screen time for children but we can talk about that another time.

7. Listen to them, their stories and be fully present. Answer all their questions and enjoy every moment with them. I am sure, well I know they will not be children forever.

Enjoy the weekend with your children and do share with me how you spend quality time with your children at

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