How To Make Mornings Easier

Weekday mornings are hectic in our household. Getting all of us ready and avoiding the Nairobi traffic to get to work and the kids to school on time is not easy. After trying out different routines, the following has helped our family a lot and below are some of the ways we make our weekday mornings easier.

1. Get a live-in house help. This will ensure you have help with some of the things that need to be done in the morning.

2. Prepare the lunch boxes the night before. It’s even better to make a schedule of what you are packing in the lunchboxes for the whole week and ensure the ingredients are available when you need them.

3. Pack the school bags the night before remembering to include everything needed, sports kits, library books etc. You really don’t want to be the one whose child is always missing one thing or the other.

4. Take out the clothes the kids will wear the night before. Same for you. Decide what you are wearing the night before and save yourself time trying out different outfits.

5. Make waking up pleasant. No screaming or pulling blankets off. If you use an alarm for the children, make it as friendly as possible for example their favourite rhyme or song.

6. With experience I have come to realise that our bedtime habits determine the success of our mornings. Even during weekends I now insist on sticking to the same bedtime as weekdays.

7. Wake up early and give yourself enough time to get ready and also get the children ready.

8. Simplify breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day but do not complicate it.

9. If you have to, set an alarm for the time that you need to leave the house and still aim to leave 5 minutes earlier than that time.

Try out some of the above and share with me your feedback and comments. I am always happy to hear from you and can be reached on

Have a great week ahead with easy mornings.

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