Mommy Me Time – 10 Things To Do

After a busy week at work and at home, you deserve to take time out for yourself and recharge your batteries. Here is a list of ten things to do during mommy-me-time.

1. Bury yourself in a great book. Some of my favorite authors include Malcolm Gladwell, Angela Duckworth, and Robert Kiyosaki. I also love glossy magazines and Destiny Woman is right at the top for me.

2. Retail therapy and window shopping is fun. I love trying out clothes and shoes. Infact I love shoes so much I even had to include this in my blog name. Take note I don’t spend money I don’t have. Just trying out clothes is lots of fun. When I really don’t want to buy, there are certain individuals I will avoid😂😂. I will not be naming and shaming them here.

3. I have some favourite shows on Netflix. I don’t binge watch them … ( by the way at what number of episodes do you consider it binge watching?). I love How To Get Away With Murder, Suits and The Good Wife. I am sure in another life I would have done law hence my attraction to these types of shows.

4. Going for a walk is absolutely therapeutic especially one in nature. Reminds me of growing up in the village and exploring the hills behind our homestead. If you are urban based, the nearest park could be a close enough to the countryside walk.

5. Go for a manicure and pedicure and get pampered. Reminds me that I am more than a mom.

6. Catch up on your sleep. This is my favorite Sunday afternoon after church activity.

7. Go for coffee with your girlfriends and catch up on what has been happening in your life.

8. Still with the girls, catch the latest movie together.

9. Go to the gym, a run or any some other sports activity to keep fit.

10. Start a new hobby, painting, blogging, cooking or anything else that you have been putting off.

This weekend I will be doing 1, 3 and 6. How about you? What activities are in your mommy-me-time?

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