Lessons from motherhood… update

I wrote the first edition of Lessons From Motherhood back in December 2015. You can read it on this link Lessons from motherhood. Two years later, there are more lessons to share.

1. Back then i was all about easing the guilt of being away from my children by doing everything when i was around. I was the one feeding them and bathing them and reading bed time stories and and and… . I have the most supportive husband who is always more than willing to help me with everything. But i insisted on doing it all by myself. At least i would not feel as guilty for being away. I especially did this if i had been away from home for many days. I have learnt that this is a very short term solution. It made me a very tired mum. Now i don’t insist on doing everything. I still don’t have a solution for the guilt… but the one i tried left me extremely tired.

2. I have learnt that making time to do something for me outside of my many roles is good for me. Weekend nights when the kids are in bed, i update my blog ( like i am doing now 😊😊) and if there is still time i watch a cooking show or two on TV. I never thought i would ever watch anything that was not cartoons but yeah… i can do that sometimes.

3. I have learnt to cook….rather i believe my cooking skills have improved. You see my kids are not exactly the most diplomatic little people out there . If they think food does not look or taste as nice, they do say it as is. I was tired of hearing the words “… this food is yucky..” even before they tasted it. So i invested my me time as explained above in improving my cooking and well i am happy with the feedback so far.

4. I have learnt the art of negotiating. The twins prefer to hear the same bedtime story every night specifically Goldilocks And The Three Bears and their older sister prefers to hear different stories every night. This always creates a stalemate that could easily lead to world war three in our house, something no mum wants at bedtime. For supper when the girls want noodles, our son will say he prefers to eat something else. And when we allow them screen time, the girls want to watch Nella The Princess Knight, our son prefers Blaze And The Monster Machines. I could give more examples but i just know i have mastered the art of navigating such extremely delicate situations with much success. I think that’s why we need more women in politics…. we just know how to bring peace. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

5. I have learnt again not to sweat the small stuff. I already mentioned this lesson in the first edition of this blog but i do believe it’s worth repeating. If my son insists on wearing the same t-shirt he wore to church last Sunday, because it has his favourite superhero character, hey it’s okay. It really is not a trainsmash.

How about you? What has your motherhood journey taught you? How are you dealing with the guilt of being away from your children because of work? Comment here and let’s learn from each other.

Your comrade in arms



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  1. Nelly

    For me, I have learned that they are little people and they also are voiced to opinion and my way is not always the right way because in a small and simpler way I see the little hands do wonders.
    I have also learned that no matter his tired bath time and making meals on weekends together matter a lot. I am always amazed to watch my 2 1/2 help in mixing the pankace ingredients and he’s also good at scooping.
    Sometimes dirty is not what a mother would like to hear but a happy baby equals a happy mummy and equals a happy family if you want to swim in the sand pit , just have your pie coz its not digesting in my stomach. I let them be. Its there time and they remind me of the better me.

    Would be nice to factor in stay and home mom since its also an interesting on since I have a slice of both cakes.

    Love your work Tendai


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