“You got this mama…”

This past week was my first back at work in 2018 after the holidays. I was feeling a bit (maybe very) overwhelmed trying to adjust after break. The real problem was that during the holidays we all relaxed and let go of our usual routines. The kids could sleep and wake up later and same with me. I am still not sure if this was a good idea or not😊😊but we all felt the negative effects of this. There were some tears some mornings during the first week of the school term. I had to repeat to myself several times…you got this girl… you can totally do this..

So the weekend is here and as i write this, i am making sure we maintain our weekday bedtime schedule even during the weekend.

Things do get hectic for working mums and i am sure i am not the only one who sometimes feels overwhelmed. At some stage all three of our children were below three years old and my biggest challenge back then was sleep deprivation and i remember literally crying one weekend. Now they are slightly older and the challenges are different. After work, l need all the energy i can get to keep up with three very energetic little people. Add to this homework, and preparation for the next school and… well the list is endless. That is why i keep on repeating to myself “you got this ” Don’t get me wrong. I love this life and i chose this life .( just so we are clear).

As i was reflecting on all i had to do and how it all seemed like it was too much, i was led to Ecclesiastes 1 vs 9 that says (paraphrased) there is nothing new under the sun. This blog is a platform for us working moms to share from our experience and help each other excel. Trust me whatever you are going through, there is a mum out there who has been through the same experience so do share with all of us in the comments section.

Remember….you got this!



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