Finishing Strong

In my high school years I was in the school long distance team. We called it cross country. I remember our trainer always encouraged us to try our best to sprint in the last 50 metres of the race. It didn’t matter whether there was any other runner near you. He called it a “photo finish”

We are now nearing year end I encourage you to have a photo finish. It’s a good way to end the year and allows you to overdeliver on your objectives and hopefully you get rewarded for it. So these are some of the steps you can take to have a photo finish to the year.

1. Do not slow down because the year is nearly ending. Keep the pace. Get to work early. This allows you extra time to tie up all those loose ends that have been outstanding for a while.

2. Do not procrastinate. The tendency for some towards year end is to push off everything to the coming year. Honestly why wait for the clock to tell you it’s 1st of January to do something? Why not start now?

3. Be proactive.  The evaluation for this calendar year will also be due early in the new year. By now one  already knows which objectives will be delivered and those that will not. Be proactive and pre-empt these to your line manager and agree on some actions where possible.  This will avoid suprises that will make the discussion much more easier.

4. It’s not over till its over. Having said the above , you still owe it to yourself to do your best to deliver what you promised. The remaining weeks to the year can still be used to deliver your objectives.

Wishing you a great ending to the year with a ” photo finish”

Journey Mercies ☺  

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