Time and chance

Every so often i look back on how far i have come on my journey. I was doing this earlier today and was remembering how i felt years back when i had just finished my undergraduate studies. Around 2003 and 2004, banking was the industry to be employed in Zimbabwe. Most college mates were working in banks and according to me, “they were doing very well” and probably better than me.  I remember meeting a collegue who told me another college mate had been offered a brand new top of the range company vehicle. This was really amazing for me as  my own employer did not offer brand new company cars to some of the managers, let alone a graduate trainee like myself. I remember getting home that day, obviously having used public transport and asking my father if he could take me to a relative who by  then was a director in one of the banks.
My write up today is based on a passage of Scripture from the Bible.  Ecclesiastes 9 verse1.
I returned and saw under the sun that
the race is not to the swift,  Nor the battle to the strong.
Nor bread to the wise
No riches to men of understanding,
No favor to men of skill;
But time and chance happen to them all.

My father did not take me to our director relative at the bank. For the next two years i continued using public transport as i finished my graduate traineeship.  When I look back now, i realise that the words of Solomon in the Scripture above are absolutely important for ambitious and hard working career women like you and me. Your time and chance will come. It might seem as if others have gone ahead of you. That is perfectly fine. However their success and achievements do not take away anything from you. The sky is big enough for all the birds to fly. Now I look back and i am grateful my father refused to take me to our director banker relative.

Just to elaborate on time and chance happening to all. What this means is that your opportunity will come. However it’s exactly that,   an opportunity and every opportunity has a lifespan after which it will pass or expire. Make use of the chance/opportunity you get before it expires.

Until next time,  remember time and chance happen to us all. Make use of it.

Journey mercies


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  1. Tatenda

    Thank you Tendai for your story it truely inspires me and makes me stay focused on achieving my goals despite the circumstances I am in. Thank you please do keep blogging! !! Lol


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