Game Face On

This blog is inspired by my own journey as an ambitious career loving mother and wife. I will always share from my own journey and experiences and believe someone out there also has feedback and we can learn from each other and enjoy the journey together.  Feel free to engage and comment on each post.

We have three children all below four years. Before you ask how i did that, the youngest are twins! 😄 Children being children, sometimes my husband and I find ourselves awake at 2 in the morning playing with two little people that just decide that is what they would like to do at that particular time. By the time they fall asleep,  it will be almost time to start preparing for the start of a new day.  So what do we do? Well, we put our game faces on.

How many times have you seen someone and just thought to yourself “this person has it together”. It could be the way they speak,  the way they carry themselves or sometimes the way they dress. Well I have news for you…  The world does not always need to know about the challenges that you are facing and how you are having sleeplessness nights (for whatever reason). I am not heartless. I just don’t believe in having a pity party and everyone feeling sorry for me.  Put your game face on and face the day. The people you admire also have challenges and don’t always have it together even though it might seem that way.

I remember one particular day when our son just wouldn’t sleep. My consolation is that he usually doesn’t cry but just wants to play. We had visitors at work and i had to make a presentation the following day.  I probably had two hours of sleep that night.  I didn’t let that put me down. I was in the office at my usual time and gave the presentation my best.  No one would have known i had two hours of sleep.  Of course i compensated by getting an early night that day.

Challenges will always be there as long as you are alive. Curve balls are part of life. Be encouraged by the fact that others probably have it worse than you. Put on your game face and face your challenges head on.

Till my next post,  journey mercies!


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