PE Time …

It’s that time of the year again. For those whose financial year ends in December, its PE time. This doesn’t refer to physical education, we are talking about performance evaluation.

So you spent all of 2013 doing each and everything expected of you. You even put in extra hours and surely the evaluation should be good right?  Well today I would like to share a few tips on how to prepare for your performance evaluation. I would like to stress at this point that in 2014 I would like to focus more on the things that you yourself are able to influence and do something about and these tips are well within the control of anyone being evaluated.

1. Ensure you are being evaluated on objectives that were agreed between you and your line manager for the evaluation period. If your organization doesn’t have objective setting as part of its performance evaluation cycle, gently make this suggestion to your line manager. Performance objectives should always be agreed at the beginning of the performance evaluation period. I need not mention that these objectives should be SMART!

The rest of the tips are now going to assume your SMART objectives were already agreed with whoever is evaluating your performance.

2. Bring your “evidence file ” to the evaluation. This will showcase examples of all the excellent work you did throughout the year. Wether it’s a thank you letter from a satisfied customer that you served or the confirmation e -mail of the deal that added to the company ‘s top line or bottom line (whatever is your preference),  include everything. It’s always better to have evidence on hand just in case your line manager has forgotten!

3. Ensure your work is visible to others and not just your line manager. Some companies use the 360 degrees evaluation system where each person is evaluated by a senior, junior and a colleague on the same level.  This is meant to remove biases that might come from dealing with only your line manager. Even in the absence of this system, gain visibility for your work from others.  Organisations are ecosystems that rely on various functions within them to function properly. Your work is obviously tied to others and there is always opportunity for your efforts to be seen across relevant people within the organization.

4. A general trend in organisations is that there will be a few poor performers, majority who meet their objectives and a few outliers who excel. I hope your aim is to be in the excelling minority. So what is the difference between the normal guys who do what’s expected and those who excel? I believe the difference is in the “extra “. Go over and above what is expected of you.  Volunteer to lead projects. This is what gains you visibility and makes PE time enjoyable.

Next week i will spent more time on how you can gain visibility for your work and projects. Until then, journey mercies


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