Picture Of Success

I am back after a short break. I had to deal with matters that needed my undivided attention.

In my last blog I had promised to do a series on personal branding.  I will continue on that in the next few days. Today I would like to talking about success.

The name of this blog is Journey To The Top. The question that needs to be answered is what the top is for you and how do you know when you have arrived there. In other words what is your picture of success?

The answer to this differs from person to person. For some it is being part of the ultimate decision making entity of a corporate, for others it is the CEO title for a stock exchange listed company and still for others it’s the liberty to set their own title and rules as they run their own business as entrepreneurs. What is important is to have a picture of success so that you know when you arrive.

I must however also hasten in the same breathe to let you know that when you do get to the top, wherever that is for you, you are going to discover that you can still go higher. In his book “Long Walk To Freedom “, Nelson Mandela said at this stage enjoy the view but bear in mind there are still more mountains to climb.

Paint your picture of success, enjoy the view when you get to the top and make a decision on whether you take a rest there or you carry on with your journey!

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