Borrow with pride

In my second year of employment as a brand manager, I was asked to submit my ten year plan for my brand. This included the way I saw the brand evolving, what renovations I was proposing in order for it to remain relevant to the target market, the evolution of sales in value and volume and any additional investment I would need in order to achieve growth etc. This exercise is done every two years in light of the changing environment.

I have remained with the same company and it has been amazing for me to see my brand plan come to life and each milestone being achieved, sometimes ahead of schedule  and sometimes way behind. Some projects have had to be dropped completely because they were no longer relevant and others have had to be modified

I then decided to borrow this concept and also apply it to my personal life. So I wrote my ten year plan. I review it every year and it has been interesting to see the written plan come to life. Just like my brand plan, sometimes i am ahead of schedule. Other times I am behind.

I know as a child in some cultures, you are told never to borrow other people ‘s things and to be satisfied with what you have. You know what, this is one of the few exceptions where borrowing is ok.

Go ahead and write your 5 or 10 year career plan. How will things have changed between now and then? Where would you want to be and what skills do you need to get there?

You do know that a written down goal is more likely to be achieved compared to the one in your head. So borrow with pride, so we can be together at the top!!

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