Speak Out

I have seen many well qualified women being passed for promotions they deserved. The main reason being they are waiting for someone usually their boss to offer them the position. It is very important for women especially to manage their career development actively not passively. Speaking out and expressing our career goals is very important. Waiting to be noticed rarely works.

A few years ago a senior position arose in the organization I worked for. I was by far the most qualified of all the in-house candidates. Infact my boss had already started asking me yo assist with some of the roles of the new position. In my mind this was definitely my position so. I waited for my appointment letter. Three months down they line nothing had happened

One day during a meeting, the boss announced that he was looking to fill the position and had already started looking at CVs. Later on a male colleague who had just joined the company told me he would also apply for that job. That day I got home and did some serious thinking. I needed to take charge of my own career and actively drive it to where I wanted. Speaking out and expressing one ‘s desires might not come naturally for some. I have found practicing my lines before approaching my boss does really help. I try and think of the possible responses I could get from him and also my own answers. It is also important to ensure one’s achievements are showcased so that when you do speak out about your career goals, you have the evidence to back you up.Remember we are on a journey to the top. So speak out.

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